Vandy Chip Pulse 80W_V005

Vandy Chip Pulse 80W_V005 includes enhancements and improvements for pulse 80w box mod.

  • Current Version:
    v0.0.5 Da
  • Latest Version:
  • Date Updateed:
    May 25th,2018
  • License:
  • Supporting:

Vandy Chip Pulse 80W_V005

  • Left and right screen switching.

  • Stealth Mode.

  • Temperature Control Suite.

  • Computer – USB Upgradeable.

  • Reverse Battery Protection.

  • Smoking overtime protection.

  • Over-temperature protection.

  • Over-current and short-circuit protection.

  • Overcharge and over-discharge protection.

  • Support overcharge and overdischarge protection.

  • Power adaptation.

  • Sleep mode.

  • Functional tips.

  • 1A charge current.

vandy chip 80w