Vandy Chip Pulse 80W_V007

Vandy Chip Pulse 80W_V007 includes enhancements and improvements for pulse 80w box mod.

  • Current Version:
    v0.0.7 Da
  • Latest Version:
  • Date Updateed:
    September 14th,2018
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Vandy Chip Pulse 80W_V007

  • Output power can be adjusted to 90W.

  • The NLS function is available in all modes.

  • Added BIR brightness adjustment function,press +/- to adjust 100% 80% 50% 30%;Default value is 80%.

  • The FIR (Locking the fire button) is added,When the FIR is on,the fire button will continue to work affer locking.When the FIR is off,the firs button will be locked as well.

  • Added RST to restore the original factory settings.Press the + button to select,enter the FACTORY SETTING interface,and then press the + button to select Y.Press the fire button to confirm and restore original factory settings

vandy chip 80w