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Jun 25, 2018

Capstone RDA Unboxing

What’s In The Box:

  • ●1 x Capstone RDA                capstone-rda
  • ●1 x Frosted PC Comp Cap
  • ●1 x Frosted Sloped 810 Drip Tip
  • ●1 x Sloped Delrin 510 Drip Tip
  • ●1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
  • ●1 x Standard 510 Pin
  • ●1 x Coil Lead Guide
  • ●Spare Parts
  • ●Manual

Drip Tip Options:

The Capstone RDA comes with two drip tips. The first drip tip is a frosted, sloped, 810 drip tip. The drip tip has some texture on the outside and it is extremely comfortable. All of your aftermarket Goon style drip tips will fit the top cap beautifully. In the spare parts pack there is a 510 drip tip adapter as well as a 510 drip tip. 


The Top Cap And Fill Port Cap:

The Capstone RDA comes with two different types of top caps. The first top cap is pre-installed and in the traditional manner, it has a barrel and separate top cap section that comes apart. The top cap part is flat with some knurling around the edges for easy airflow adjustment. There is a Goon style o’ring on the interior of the drip tip opening. On the inside of the top cap, there is a conical shape and a stepped-up cut out that allows you to adjust your air flow. The top cap is held in place by a single o’ring with a really nice tolerance. The top cap allows you to cut your air flow down from side to side or top to bottom. The air flow range is very wide and easily adjustable.


The exterior of the top cap has a high quality paint job and a raised triangular effect to it. This triangular effect gives the barrel some great texture. On the outside of the barrel there is a trapezoid shaped airflow slot that is fully adjustable via the top cap of the RDA.


The second barrel option is a PC Comp Cap. It is a combination barrel, top cap, and drip tip. The airflow is cut in the shape of a trapezoid and it is non-adjustable. This cap is made specifically to chuck clouds. Both Barrels are held in place by two o’rings that have a perfect tolerance.

The Deck:

The Capstone RDA is one of the most unique decks that we to be released in recent times. The deck itself is shaped like a pyramid. All of the terminals are controlled by one gold-plated Phillips head screw. This makes the Capstone extremely easy to build on because all you have to do to open up all four terminals is loosen one screw. Upon loosening that screw, the spring loaded deck opens all four terminals. There are peek insulator pieces in between the metal clamps for safety. 


As unique as the deck is, we did not stop there. We also incorporated a squonk option into the deck that allows the user to squonk their juice onto the top of the coil, just as if you were dripping. Every time you squonk the juice rolls down the top of your coil just like a waterfall. This ensures even juice distribution and unsurpassed flavor. By squonking from the top of the deck, it keeps the juice well full and the end of your wicks wet. Unlike a traditional squonker, the juice does not get sucked back into the squonk bottle. Because the pyramid part of the deck takes up a lot of space, you are dealing with a reduced chamber that is conducive to the fantastic flavor.

We've also included a coil lead measurement tool that allows you to get the perfect lead length for your coil when building on the Capstone RDA. We even marked off the 7 mm slot as the perfect coil lead length. This tool takes all the guesswork out of building on the Capstone RDA. 

The Base:

The base of the Capstone RDA is 24 mm in diameter. This ensures that it will look great on most of the squonk mods that are being released today. The base has two o’rings going around it so no matter which barrel you use, they both fit on to the base precisely.


The 510 Connection:

The Capstone RDA comes with a squonking pin pre-installed. The squonk pin is gold plated and it has an insulator ring around it for safety. The threading around the squonk pin is stainless steel and buttery smooth. We also added an o’ring to the bottom of the base to help keep the juice off of your mod while squonking. There is some Capstone branding on the bottom of the base as well as some Vandy Vape branding.


  • ●Waterfall Squonk Action
  • ●Reduced Build Chamber
  • ●Domed Interior AFC Cap
  • ●Natural Airflow Ramp Build Deck
  • ●Pyramid Single Screw Clamp Deck
  • ●Spring Loaded Deck
  • ●Knurled Deck Clamps
  • ●Capstone Pyramid AFC Cap
  • ●Adjustable Airflow System
  • ●Supports Single Coil Builds
  • ●Dual Trapezoid Airflow Slots
  • ●Integrated Bottom Leak Prevention O-Ring
  • ●Frosted One-Piece PC Comp Cap
  • ●Deep Juice Well
  • ●810 And 510 Drip Tip Compatible
  • ●Material: Stainless Steel
  • ●Dimensions: 38mm (Height With Sloped Two Piece Drip Tip)
  • ●Diameter: 24mm
  • ●Thread Size: 510 (Gold Plated Pin)
  • ●Fill Type: Top Fill or Bottom Feed
  • ●Airflow Type: Bottom/Side Dual Slot (Adjustable)
  • ●Vaping Type: Direct Lung or Airy Mouth To Lung