Pulse BF Box Mod Unboxing

The Packaging:

Very typical Vandy Vape packaging on the Pulse BF Box Mod. The box is colored in Vandy Vape blue. On the front of the box there is some Vandy Vape branding as well as some Pulse BF Box Mod branding. Underneath the Pulse branding it reads a Tony B Project. On the bottom of the front of the box we do have Vandy Vape’s website address. On the back of the box there is a list of all the features and some warnings as well. On the sides of the box we have some Vandy Vape branding and on the top side of the Box you have a batch number with your color code as well as a QR code.

What’s In The Box:                                                                                                          

1x VandyVape Pulse BF Squonk Box Mod (no battery cell)

1x 18650 Battery Adaptor

3x Spare Magnets

1x Spare Spring 1x Spare Screw

1x Instruction Manual                                                                                                                               


The Breakdown:

Open up the box to the Vandy Vape Pulse BF Box Mod and you see this gorgeous little squonker sitting in there like a little Jewel. Take the Pulse out and open the front panel and you will see a silicone bottle as well as a silicone 18650 battery sleeve, inside the silicone sleeve we have a bag of spare parts. Inside the bag of spare parts there are various spare magnets that can be used as replacements should you lose a magnet on the battery tray or the battery door. Also inside the baggie, we have a spare lock switch screw as well as a spare spring that goes around that screw.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

On the left side of the mod already pre-installed and pre-cut we have the squonk bottle. It is an 8 ml silicone squonk bottle that is super soft. The bottle is a little wider than most squonk bottles that I have used up until now. The top of the bottle is stainless steel and the cap is stainless steel as well. The threading on it is very smooth and you can take the collar of the bottle off for easy cleaning.

Towards the top of the interior we do have the internal part of the fire button. There is a spring on the inside of the fire button and it also has an on-off switch that is located above the squonking bottle. Above the on off switch we do have a peek insulator and the stainless steel piece that you attach to your squonking tube. 

On the edges of the interior of the mod there are five magnets. One in the upper left corner, one in the lower left corner and 3 on the right side. On the other side of the mod if you pull the panel off. You have three magnets on the left side of the interior of the box and one magnet in the upper right hand corner as well as another magnet in the lower right hand corner. 

On this side of the box mod you can see the copper contact that Vandy Vape uses to complete the circuit for firing the mod. This is also where you will be able to push your battery out and you can see the squonk bottle as well.

Like the rest of the mod, the panels are made out of a nylon and ABS plastic. They have magnets on the panels that correspond with the magnets on the inside of the mod. The panels come in a variety of different colors and there will be after market panels available as well. On the panel that is on the front of the mod there is some Pulse  branding but it is the same color as the panel and very subtle. On the back side panel there is also a Tony B Project branding, but again it is the same color as the panel itself and you almost have to look really hard to actually see it.

The rest of the body is made out of the same nylon ABS combination that was used for the side panels. Underneath the firing button there is a Pulse logo and on the side opposite the firing button there is some Vandy Vape branding. The side opposite of the firing button does have a curved edges to it for a comfortable form factor. the fire button is made out of metal and has a chrome like finish to it. It is recessed and it really doesn't protrude too far off of the ring that goes around the firing button. On the same panel of the mod where the fire button is located there is a portion of that side cut out in order to give you more space for the act of squonking. 

On the top part of the mod we do have a spring loaded 510 connection. There is a high polished ring that surrounds the 510 connection. There are also three air slots that allow air to get under your atomizer in order to help cool it. There is also a deep circular ring around the inner circumference of the platform.


The Pulse Box Mod does come with an 18650 adapter. Out of the box it is setup to run with a 20700 battery but you can use the adapter to run an 18650 battery if you choose. Simply slide the adapter on the negative side of your battery and place your battery in the mod, negative side up.


      ● Ability to Lock power switch

      ● Compatible with both 20700 and 18650 battery

      ● Universal spring loaded 510 thread

      ● 8ml food grade silicone bottle

      ● Replaceable front and back panels, customize your mod to fit you

      ● Magnetic battery cover

      ● 25mm diameter

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