Store of KYLIN RTA

The Kylin RTA has been designed from scratch and in development for some time now,it has seen 3 iterations before perfecting the tank for mass production. 


The initial product began with an innovative post-less deck section that utilized bottom and raised side airflow.

After some use,we found some weaknesses and areas we needed to improve.With that,we began the second iteration,with which we slimmed down the side airflow slightly for a better draw and less chance of leaking. 

Through continued use in development of the perfect product,we began the third and final iteration.We decided to raise the side airflow slightly,with an increased angle for smoother flow.This also makes the device much quieter.We also increased the overall size of the build area for ease of use.

store of kylin rta

The entire deck section is now Gold plated for the best aesthetic,durability,and conductivity.The threads are smooth and the overall quality of the device has been meticulously maintained through final production.