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About Stefen Z

Stefen Zhang, Vandy Vape's Chief Engineer and CEO, and the lead designer of all current Vandy Vape products; is reaching out to all Vandy Vape customers world wide. Recently, we have been aware of a situation involving copyright infringement on the “Stefen Zhang” designed and labeled products *logo seen below*. This signature belongs to Stefen Zhang and Vandy Vape Technology Co. LTD. This trademark has been registered around the world, from the United States, to the European Union, and of course, in China. Vandy Vape’s website (www.vandyvape.com) is the only official site authorized to publish the legitimate information on Stefen Zhang designed product information. As a service to ourselves and the loyal customers who have come to know Stefen Z. as a high quality designer, we reserve the right to take the legal steps if necessary, in the case of a violation of intellectual property infringement. If you have any questions about the legitimacy of a product, using the Stefen Z. Signature / Logo, please visit www.vandyvape.com to get answers.